October 15, 2014

Unity vs SJO, Seven Galleries

Gridiron action between what many pundits regard as two of the elite football programs, St. Joseph-Ogden and Unity, have been epic contests for more than a quarter of a century. For the past 11 years the PhotoNews has covered one of the most celebrated high school football rivalries in central Illinois. We've cultivated all the links to our photo galleries starting with our first game way back in 2003 through to the team's last on the field meeting in 2010.

11-15-03 St Joseph-Ogden vs Unity
Quarterfinal playoff game at Unity. After hard fought pitch battle, the Rockets blanked the Spartans, 26-0.

09-24-04 St. Joseph-Ogden vs Unity
After booted from the previous year's Class 3A quarters, the Spartans blowout the Unity Rockets, 43-0.

11-13-04 SJO vs Unity
Unity takes squeaks by St. Joseph-Ogden in the playoffs in a ferocious defensive battle, 18-14.

09-23-05 Unity vs St Josesph-Ogden
With quarterback Dane Paul behind the center, Unity narrowly defeats St. Joseph-Ogden during their regular season game, 28-26. Follow the link to see more than 50 game photos.

11-12-05 St Joseph-Ogden vs Unity
Another epic battle, the Spartans are knocked of the Class 3A playoffs by the Rockets after a 1-point loss. We posted 97 photos capturing the action and emotion from this heart breaker.

11-04-06 Unity vs St Joseph-Ogden
After two years of suffering close loses to the Rockets, St. Joseph-Ogden turns the table in their first year as a member of the Sangamon Valley Conference and advances in the playoffs after a 21-17 win.

11-13-10 St Joseph-Ogden vs Unity
Tolono Unity defeated host St. Joseph-Ogden 41-20 in their Class 3A playoff game. The Rockets advanced to face Stillman Valley, who beat them in the previous year's state title game.

October 12, 2014

SJO's Okaw Valley Conference's Biggest User

October 9, 2014

Okaw Valley Conference Top User Of State-wide Football App

September 29, 2014

IHSA To Skip Hearing After Being Denied A Voice

Tuscola Warriors Serves Up Whooping To Give Coach 200th Win

Photo coverage by sports photographer Douglas Cottle from Tuscola's huge road win over Central A&M are now available for viewing and purchase. Congratulations to Rick Reinhart for achieving a career milestone. The Warriors defeated the Raiders 52-22 as head coach Rick Reinhart reached his 200th career win.

Homecoming! Normal West vs Danville

Selected photos by sport photographer Alan Look from IHSA Boys Football Homecoming game between the Danville Vikings and the Normal Community West Wildcats in Normal, IL on September 26, 2014.

September 26, 2014

General Assembly Headbutts IHSA?

The House’s Elementary and Secondary Education Committee, chaired by Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia, D-Aurora, announced earlier this week that the second of three hearings will be held at 4 p.m. Oct. 3 at South Shore International High School on the Southeast Side. Absolutely perfect timing in this case if you happen to be a politician who does not want supporters for your opposition to show up. Supporters of the IHSA, hundreds who will be participating in or administering high school football games around the state on that Friday, will be unable to attend.

Chicago Sun-Times sports writer Mike Clark asks rhetorically in a opinion piece today, "... how the Legislature had time to fit investigating the IHSA onto a calendar already full of pressing issues: pension reform, chronic deficits and tax rates among them. It speaks to the dysfunction of Springfield that a body disinclined to have serious discussions of urgent problems would instead spend time looking into an alleged plagiarism incident at the IHSA Scholastic Bowl."

This timing of the meeting is like a boxer who can't stand toe-to-toe with his opponent and headbutts (or perhaps makes a snack out of the other fighter's ear) when they can't win fairly, with honor or skill. They resort to shenanigans, as in this case, hoping to walk away with a win. Read Clark's article on round two of the Illinois General Assembly vs. the Illinois High School Association via the link below.

So, what would be really cool?

If a three or four football games were rescheduled by mutual supporters of the IHSA and played on the following Saturday. There is still time to make the arrangements. Athletic directors, administrators, and the student-athletes - a wonderful field trip for government classes, worth 50 points of extra credit toward an upcoming exam, to see our state's political process at work - could then attend the hearing at South Shore International. One could only imagine the look on the hearing panel's faces when six school buses roll into the parking lot an hour or so before the meeting.

September 23, 2014

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